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    2. Operation & Maintenance

      The operation & maintenance (O & M) of cement plant is a kind of cement production service for the completed cement production line entrusted by Owner to a Contractor. Owner is responsible for the raw fuel and material supply, cement sales, visas, etc. and Contractor is responsible for the personnel organization, cement and clinker production, equipment operation and maintenance, equipment overhaul, spare parts supply and other services. Generally, the settlement is done by Unit Price of labor or clinker (ton).


      As the execution of going-out strategy, Sinoma (Suzhou) has undertaken the engineering construction abroad and has developed the Iraq market as the key market which is as the priority of the company’s development strategy –the promotion of O & M service on the basis of main business. Since June of 2010, Sinoma (Suzhou) has executed the O & M for Iraq SCP 5300t/d of three production lines, Iraq DCC 5300t/d and Iraq GCC production lines. In 2015, as the subcontractor of Sinoma International Engineering Co., Ltd., Sinoma (Suzhou) has provided the O & M service for Tanzania 6000t/d, Zambia 3000t/d, Ethiopia 5000t/d and Saudi Arabia CCC2 5000t/d production lines. All O & M projects are in the normal running condition through the improving organization structure and management system with reasonable technical management staff and operators.


      O & M projects is not only the support for the near projects under construction, but also very helpful in the personnel training and organizational construction for the future O & M projects.

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