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    2. Project Construction Management

      Sinoma (Suzhou) has a large number of experienced professional and technical personnel in the electrical, mechanical and civil engineering as well as professional employees for the contract management, risk control, planning and statistics, transport and logistics, material management, financial management. Besides, skilled rigger, furnace building workers, welders and other professional workers are also available. Sinoma (Suzhou) has smelting, electrical and mechanical equipment installation, steel structure, furnace, heavy equipment and other related resources and business qualification. Domestic market for more than 2000t/d project, Sinoma (Suzhou) has occupied more than 80% while the capacity more than 5000t/d up to 90%. 


      Sinoma (Suzhou) has a number of professionals in electrical, mechanical, civil work and other fields with rich experience, administrative staff in contract management, risk control, planning & statistical work, material management, financial management, etc. and operating personnel like lifting, bricking, welding and other professional workers. Sinoma (Suzhou) is qualified with smelting, electrical & mechanical equipment installation, steel structure, kiln & furnace, lifting equipment, etc. and has the resource in these fields. Sinoma (Suzhou)’s market share is always at the top in the domestic and overseas cement construction market for many years.


      Basing on the main business of cement construction, Sinoma (Suzhou) is exploiting the market of non-cement engineering fields and has undertaken the projects of petrifaction, building, power, etc. in Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc.  


      Sinoma (Suzhou) highlights the modernized management philosophy and method and is making the improvement towards to modernization and scientification. Sinoma (Suzhou) is certified by ISO9000 Quality Management System (including UK UKAS, Germany TGA certification), ISO14000 Environmental Management System, OHSAS18001 Occupation Health Safety Management System. The scientific management leads to Sinoma (Suzhou)’s advantages with shorter construction period, lower project investment, the improving project quality and the good implementation of win-win polity.


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